Free Verese: A Missouri Winter.

I watched as the snow fell

Over the yard

It was my first real snow fall

In ten years

I was half happy

That school was cancelled

And I knew there’d be snow

on my birthday.

But also half bummed,

A week with no wa

To go anywhere

And I couldn’t see my love.

I guess that’s how

Winter in Missouri is

But I wasn’t used to it.

It was a long and dull week

But I made the most of it.

Now what I’d give,

for another

Missouri Winter.


Free Verse: Nobody Gets it Right!

Clara, Cara, Corra, Carro; everyone gets it wrong.

When you picture yourself at graduation, walking across the stage

Memories and a wave of satisfaction rushes over you and almost brings you to tears.

You never think that the announcer wouldn’t pronounce your name right.

That was my exact fear, and it happened!

When you go to a voting precinct, there’s so much on your mind.

You think about who or what to vote for and what party you are in.

You never wonder if your name is spelled right or not.

I already knew mine wasn’t correct.

When you go on a trip, you hope to buy a trinket with your name on it,

You search from store to store, eventually settling on one.

You return home and have that memory forever.

I’ve never had that option.

When you start a new year in grade school, it’s exciting.

You also get nervous about whether you will like your teachers or not.

The main thing that was always on my mind was how many times the teacher would say Cara while taking role.

I know that I should be used to it, I’ve gotten it all my life.

It will always bug me, but I no longer get upset.

I know that college teachers have too many students to specifically remember mine.

Besides, I just blame my parents because they’re the ones who named me.

Shakespearean Sonnet: It’s my life, I want to control it!

I have so much to think about in life.

I feel like I’m doing what you want,

Going to school and living without strife,

But my thoughts will always be a haunt.

I know I’m young and have a lot to learn

But don’t force me to do what you choose.

For to be on my own is what I yearn.

I don’t have much of anything to lose.

I already know what I want to do.

If it’ll fit into my little puzzle.

I’ll piece my life together with some glue,

While you sit there and play Chuzzle.

Maybe I should see your point of view,

And see how I feel wearing your shoes.

Blank Verse: My Accident

I was driving home this past Sunday night

When a car hit my passenger side doors.

I had three other people in my car

The back window busted on my roommate

And the other back passenger got cut.

My turning arrow was greener than green

But he claims to have had a green light too.

The doors are bent inward and will not open.

The other car just has a busted light.

Thankfully no one was real badly hurt

But my roommate now has a concussion

And the emotional damage is great,

My boyfriend had never been in a wreck.

Now we take the annoying city bus

’cause neither insurance will do a thing.

Although I have paid hundreds of dollars

In over the last year and a half,

My insurance is the worst I could have

Because they sent me a letter saying:

“It was a pleasure speaking to you on

February twenty-third Two Thousand-Six.”

So I made a call when I was fourteen?

This has gotten really ridiculous

So I guess I’ll go to the police now,

even though I really know it’s hopeless.

Big news!

Hello readers, I know my blog is still very new and I know I haven’t done much to it yet, I deeply apologize. This being said, in a couple of months I’ll be leaving for 18 months and will not be able to be on my blog the entire time. When I come back I’ll try to do better with writing for you guys and I will try to post at least one story for you all before I leave. Thank you for all of your support. Have a great day 🙂

Seven stanza ballad

The Crash That Changed Me
When I look at the star lit sky
I miss you more and more each day.
Remember back and start to cry,
The truck that took your life away.

He was high on medication
Sent home from work early that day.
Now I write your dedication,
On that fateful morning in May.

I took the final for my math
It was our last and final week.
As that you chose his path,
For truth and justice I did seek.

It hit me like a ton of bricks
I did not want to lose you now
My emotions were all a mix
I kept on asking myself how.

I see you in my wildest dreams,
You are the parents that I need
You want me to move on it seems,
Your warning I did choose to heed.

I go on living in this life,
I know it can be very smart.
But every year I feel a knife
Go deep inside my lowly heart.

‘Alas you have been three years gone,
Away from me and gone from life.
I planted a tree on my lawn.
This will be my great life long strife.


My trip to Paris
I took a trip to Paris, France
The city of love and romance.
I went to the Eiffel Tower,
I felt like I had great power.
This gave me the urge to dance.

My Lovely Pearls
I had my hair all up in curls,
Wearing my brand new pearls.
A gift for my anniversary,
The only thing left in the burglary.
An item of jealousy among girls.

I Know: A Poem For My Grandma

Hello readers, I know that this isn’t a story but it’s something I wrote last semester for The Ram’s Tale. My submission got denied but this poem still means something to me.


I know you’re up there, somewhere
I know you’re watching me, with each passing day.
I know you’d want to be here to watch me go through life,
And more importantly, I wish you were.

I know you’d be disappointed in some of my actions,
I know you’d tell me how to fix my problems.
I know you’d help me every step of the way,
But more importantly, I know you’d never let me fall.

You knew I loved you more than life itself,
You knew I needed to be helped through my trials.
You knew how easily I fall apart,
Yet you left, without a single goodbye.

You knew I could handle everything thrown in my path,
You knew my strengths and weaknesses.
You knew me better then I knew myself,
Which is why you knew I could get through life without you.

I know you’ll always be in my heart,
I know I can always remember the love we shared.
I know things will get better each passing year,
Plus, I know death is not the end, it’s only the beginning.


RIP Esther K. Hager 7-14-09Image

Dreams are coming true!

Hello again readers. I just got a call from a publishing company and they are interested in me. I am so excited! But this also means that I will be focused on my book that I want published and less focused on my short stories. I will still do them but probably not every week like I promised. I will post some though. And if any of you would like me to post your stuff, feel free to message them to me and I will post them 🙂 Thank you for all your support in me! I’m finally on my way.